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Sallaman 21 tund tagasi
this is actually a take on society. Are we making our trucks too high? or our bridges too low?
Homerzkillet 21 tund tagasi
im dying rn
plagued 21 tund tagasi
I swear on bowsers big bean burrito, if the last character revealed for ssbu is ANOTHER anime chick I'm going to shoot my copie of smash bros ultimate.
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines 21 tund tagasi
Im sorry dunkey :(
StrikeOfMike 21 tund tagasi
Daniel Plainview got me good
Slyngemor 21 tund tagasi
Garrett McGee
Garrett McGee 21 tund tagasi
This is gold.
Matt Silvermask
Matt Silvermask 21 tund tagasi
if you don't believe in it, the bridge won't harm you
Nico Papa
Nico Papa 21 tund tagasi
2:43 i really don't know exactly why but this is one of my favorite dunkey's moments. Gets me everytime
Juky 21 tund tagasi
2:19 i love how you can hear someone laugh after the fact
wario man
wario man 21 tund tagasi
He blurred out the guy who made styrofoam (which he didn't last time i seen the video)
David G
David G 21 tund tagasi
0:30 the chuckle that transitions into an air guitar riff is a great bit
Atticus_Rex 21 tund tagasi
this is such a cool coincidence, me and my mom were literally talking about this same bridge today
master assassin
master assassin 21 tund tagasi
Haters be haters
Graham Gunderman
Graham Gunderman 21 tund tagasi
This video is postmodern
Nik 22 tundi tagasi
why did my brain hear “Bridge Raiser”
ran aman
ran aman 22 tundi tagasi
Looks like boogie2988s house
LogicalFool 22 tundi tagasi
Dunkey made the whole LP private :( Does anyone have the archives downloaded? If so, upload em please. ;-;
Jelly Donut
Jelly Donut 22 tundi tagasi
Should using a made in china bridge, so the truck would be safe.
NewWonTon 22 tundi tagasi
I actually thought he switched locations half way through. I’m blown away knowing the truth
Clint Joy Labastilla
Clint Joy Labastilla 22 tundi tagasi
Face slapping bridge in western country
THE16THPHANTOM 22 tundi tagasi
the can opener... that how you know someone went through that special kind of youtube rabbit hole. and probably needs help. are you ok dunkey.
Arpit Rohilla
Arpit Rohilla 22 tundi tagasi
Michael Hartley
Michael Hartley 22 tundi tagasi
Alright I’m no engineer, but couldn’t they just remove the yellow beam?
Aquabreeze 22 tundi tagasi
7:42 This game really makes you FEEL like you’re at an anime con carrying the sword you bought in the dealers hall and chilling with your pro cosplay friends
Zourykyen Pimentel
Zourykyen Pimentel 22 tundi tagasi
RAWSDdeano 22 tundi tagasi
I absolutely spaced out when that ad from my childhood popped up in a Dunkey video
CinnabunBen 22 tundi tagasi
for some reason, I can’t imagine seeing dunkey drive.
Psyberius Black
Psyberius Black 22 tundi tagasi
Love how Forward Air has lock their laptops down 😂
Theodore Long
Theodore Long 22 tundi tagasi
This is why I don’t drive trucks
jackie 22 tundi tagasi
i’m one of the greatest drivers of truc
Jeffrey Wu
Jeffrey Wu 22 tundi tagasi
Guess no one was expecting the TRUCK KILLING INQUISITION.
Oxorius 22 tundi tagasi
That poor bridge 😢
Wesley Gore
Wesley Gore 22 tundi tagasi
I used to go to school just around the corner from this bridge. It gained the name “The Can Opener” over the years. They continue to put up signs, flashing lights, even raising the damn thing to prevent it from happening, but The Can Opener always prevailed to prove that it could still easily cause a hilarious backup a mile long on Gregson St
Mopishfool 22 tundi tagasi
2 Corinthians 4:7-11
2 Corinthians 4:7-11 22 tundi tagasi
"If you don't upvote Dunkey clone videos, then you ain't black." ~ Joe Bidunk
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 22 tundi tagasi
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 22 tundi tagasi
You forgot the seX-box
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 22 tundi tagasi
Stunky: play Haulover 🍻
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 22 tundi tagasi
Computer: bring up Haulover Key
Smith Smithony
Smith Smithony 22 tundi tagasi
6:02 *fucking dingaling* probably the most underrated part of this video
James Altheide
James Altheide 22 tundi tagasi
I just replayed turok.
its me me
its me me 22 tundi tagasi
I was so sad when I saw they raised the bride, like it would be an end to this great thing.... however! It's still destroying trucks to this day.
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 22 tundi tagasi
Do Haulover Inlet next dunkstunk 🍻
Dalen T
Dalen T 22 tundi tagasi
Leon Ritterbach
Leon Ritterbach 22 tundi tagasi
"no trucks were harmed in the making of this video"
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 22 tundi tagasi
Do Haulover Inlet next. And say hi to me brother 🍻
Dimas Irfandi
Dimas Irfandi 22 tundi tagasi
why are there some part that have a motionblur
Blu 22 tundi tagasi
Ducking stupid video
Why Am I Here?
Why Am I Here? 23 tundi tagasi
3:51 haha reference moment
Oscar Blaszkowski
Oscar Blaszkowski 23 tundi tagasi
He did not cheat. I trust dream
M I K E 23 tundi tagasi
10/10 great bridge graphics
zeranzeran 23 tundi tagasi
Loud = Funny
Cheekclapper 9000
Cheekclapper 9000 23 tundi tagasi
This doesn’t look like smash bros
The_Only_Zac 23 tundi tagasi
Dunkey, your creative genius never ceases to amaze me
andy espinoza
andy espinoza 23 tundi tagasi
"Ratchet is intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his lost race of...rabbits" XD lol so good and underrated.
anjum11x FF
anjum11x FF 23 tundi tagasi
No dream is real 🤣
Pidgeon445 eee
Pidgeon445 eee 23 tundi tagasi
My favourite review of this game is “this is definitely one of the games on the steam”
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 23 tundi tagasi
A wise man once said than then everything's sarcastic, nothing is.
Nolan Boyer
Nolan Boyer 23 tundi tagasi
2:42 is my favorite dunkey anything ever
The Goon!
The Goon! 23 tundi tagasi
Those segments with Balan looked like they could have been fun boss fights. If only you were allowed to play them...
Garvit Sharma
Garvit Sharma 23 tundi tagasi
This is the same video as the one you reacted to. You reacted to the Sonic hot female characters. I Remember!
Axeloy 23 tundi tagasi
this is such a stray from the usual stuff but i can dig it
Yams Andy
Yams Andy 23 tundi tagasi
"These Trucks are durable and deliver fast to your location" Bridge: I'm bout to wreck this truck's whole career
Sweer 23 tundi tagasi
I like how its the sign not the bridge
Edy Knight
Edy Knight 23 tundi tagasi
Why do I get the feeling that all these trucks are being driven by the same guy endlessly trying to deliver his goods but never succeeding.
TheJazzMan333 23 tundi tagasi
They're so confidently wrong, it's like watching a twitch chatter
Nelly 601
Nelly 601 23 tundi tagasi
2:35 ok so that’s why there’s so much rule thirty fou-
TheJazzMan333 23 tundi tagasi
Bummer once I figured out 0:37 and 3:32 is the same footage
Jacob Regalado
Jacob Regalado 23 tundi tagasi
Bruh do 1v1 with dream and see if he loses and your jealus becuse he has more subs hahahhahahaha😂😂😂
Dan Murawski
Dan Murawski 23 tundi tagasi
This game looks like how Sematary sounds.
Akis Konstantinidis
Akis Konstantinidis 23 tundi tagasi
1:14 3:28
Abdi 23 tundi tagasi
finally the isekai sender himself has a weakness
idontevengame1 23 tundi tagasi
this is the funniest thing ive seen in a long time
dhamage2k // iPlatinumb
dhamage2k // iPlatinumb 23 tundi tagasi
I got chills while watching this. Probably from the toilet.
Oliver Hunt
Oliver Hunt 23 tundi tagasi
3:20 save dunkey from the Gombo dimension