Resident Evil Village FAQ

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Answering some of the big questions.

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Zlink Plays
Zlink Plays 10 tundi tagasi
Really wish you could find a note in RE8 saying “Today hungry and eat doggy food.”
Isaac Ouriques
Isaac Ouriques Päev tagasi
I'm honestly surprised he never said "You just got Ethanized"
chapin 2 päeva tagasi
Y'all forget Ethan is a dad. Imagine your dad beating the shit out of some freak mold monsters. I bet he'd give a dad joke too every now and then
heliege pest
heliege pest 3 päeva tagasi
see what u did with the doogy food line
Malti Moto
Malti Moto 3 päeva tagasi
will buy it only on sale, as every game :-)
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks 5 päeva tagasi
Bruh I don't care if it's a baby I would gouge that monstrosity's eyes out so hard so fast
ShiroTheW0lf 5 päeva tagasi
Bad Guy: "Ethan Winters." Ethan: "That's my name, don't wear it out!"
Vegetable Man
Vegetable Man 5 päeva tagasi
"There's always a bigger fish." --Qui-Gon Jinn
ANANTHU V L 6 päeva tagasi
"What happened "? "Birthday party"🙂
EasterBurn 7 päeva tagasi
You know he's a dad now, so he's just practicing for his dad jokes
SaucyKossi 7 päeva tagasi
Dunkly better win an Oscar for this opening
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz 8 päeva tagasi
There's also some scary intense game play in little nightmares 2
kangourouuu1 9 päeva tagasi
Took me 3 whole minutes to get the title...
free headd
free headd 10 päeva tagasi
Jesus loves you
Marcellian 12 päeva tagasi
"That's dababy!" - donsley
AC3 13 päeva tagasi
1:26 as a Texan, can confirm
Vinícius Folly Barbosa
Vinícius Folly Barbosa 14 päeva tagasi
As a kid, I was slightly bothered by the "silent protagonist" thing, especially in Zelda games. Now I pray for the protagonist to be silent...
Gemtem 11 päeva tagasi
HUD studio's
HUD studio's 15 päeva tagasi
"Where the hell I'm I?" Dunkey: hogans castle
Andrew Trout
Andrew Trout 15 päeva tagasi
Paid extra for those wooden bullets though.
TheBandanaDee 16 päeva tagasi
1:36 What the-?!
Lord Boyardee
Lord Boyardee 18 päeva tagasi
4:38 He found DaBaby
Stone Cold Cronin Fan
Stone Cold Cronin Fan 21 päev tagasi
you can always tell how good the game is by how much or little dunky enjoys it
HD 04
HD 04 21 päev tagasi
That Baby is gonna forever be in my nightmares...
Gemtem 11 päeva tagasi
Same here, it's like a mix of silent hill and Trevor Henderson
Quarter Nipp
Quarter Nipp 21 päev tagasi
bad baby NOT yummy bad
caolan 22 päeva tagasi
Danny S
Danny S 22 päeva tagasi
The lady is like EMMI from Metroid Dread.
PutrIsCool 22 päeva tagasi
im sick of bugs
Scooter wears Socks
Scooter wears Socks 22 päeva tagasi
That baby is one of the most unnerving things I’ve ever seen
Arab Trooper
Arab Trooper 24 päeva tagasi
Disappointed that the title of the video isn’t Waste of Bullets 8
Sina Sadeghi
Sina Sadeghi 24 päeva tagasi
I bet Capcom brought DMC 5 's writer RE 8
Humongous Chungus
Humongous Chungus 24 päeva tagasi
1:21 The Kool Aid Man
Brandon Niles
Brandon Niles 24 päeva tagasi
Jack of all asses.
Brandon Niles
Brandon Niles 24 päeva tagasi
What about a Jean claude van damme spin kick as lady what's her name is coming through the doorway? Ethan plants it right in the kisser. She falls face first and the lower half of her is exposed, she's wearing granny panties.
Brandon Niles
Brandon Niles 24 päeva tagasi
Nice. You deleted my comment over a joke of Ethan getting a cheap shot at the lady vampire as she's coming through the doorway. A fictional character? A fictional character that's trying to kill you? Really? You know if i made that same joke about a nine foot man on one would bat an eye. Whomever is responsible for my comment being removed has a brittle spirit.
Ar-Yack 25 päeva tagasi
For some reason, it killed me when he changed the line to "No, you're the ones who are cursed"
Kektoid 25 päeva tagasi
ethan's kind of a dumbass. you'll read a loredump in one room, then in the next room something just explained in the lore dump happens and ethan will go "WOAH WHAT???"
Talorius 25 päeva tagasi
4:14 P.T. Vibes
Spaghetti Bird
Spaghetti Bird 27 päeva tagasi
“Looks like the douchebag convention’s in town” - Ethan from Resident Evil
Spaghetti Bird
Spaghetti Bird 27 päeva tagasi
“Bring the noise bitch” - Ethan, 2021
West Mayoi
West Mayoi 29 päeva tagasi
cant see shit with hdr on, lol...
Arii Sa
Arii Sa 29 päeva tagasi
Less goooo !!
Jacek Dudek
Jacek Dudek Місяць tagasi
Zachary Місяць tagasi
How have I seen this video multiple times and it still just keeps me right on the edge of my seat? I’ve never been so terrified while laughing so hard
Rose Ghosty
Rose Ghosty Місяць tagasi
Imagine how bad Ethan’s dad jokes are
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear Місяць tagasi
*hears loud clang* Dunkey: "The mouse is back" This made me laugh way too much considering how simple and dumb it was.
CoRsiant Місяць tagasi
04:38 *LETS GOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!*
Reece Simpson
Reece Simpson Місяць tagasi
I will never forget when you said “Is that you bagool?”
Mishdj1 Місяць tagasi
daaa daaaaaaa
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Місяць tagasi
"Think that there is a slightly larger mouse upstairs." Dunkey-2021
Ghassane Jabri
Ghassane Jabri Місяць tagasi
Julian Castro
Julian Castro Місяць tagasi
YOURE the one who’s baby
Vigilante Potato
Vigilante Potato Місяць tagasi
That baby monster is terrifying, especially when your character can only walk at about 2km/h. Ridiculous lol
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Місяць tagasi
This video highlights some problems with the game that i havent seen anybody else cover. It seems that the optimal strategy for almost every encounter is to run away until you get to the invisible wall that enemies cant cross and then shoot them from beyond it. I do love this game, but this is a real issue that needs to be discussed. Also, the beneviento house isn't fun. I didnt find it scary on my first playthrough, and every run through it since then has been an absolute chore. Also, the introduction is too long. Granted, it's nowhere near as bad as a lot of other games -- which dont allow you to have fun until you've played like 12 hours (as in Days Gone) -- but having to go through the Winters' house and then on a walk through the woods every playthrough kinda kills the momentum that the rest of the game cultivates so well. It does speak volumes that i've played through this game multiple times. I obviously enjoy it, but it has problems that can make the game less fun than it could be. I will buy the dlc though, which is a real rarity, because i do really like this game.
Joe Calderon
Joe Calderon Місяць tagasi
This game shows that Texas has a rat 🐀problem
Mishdj1 Місяць tagasi
😂😂😂 the guy who can make a scary game funny = Dunky
CounterHornet Місяць tagasi
Character" "Where am I? *SEES CASTLE* Dunkey: "Texas"
GAVINJ 145 Місяць tagasi
Considering it’s Dimitrescu’s house and she’s 9 foot tall, it feels like a strange design choice to build doors she has to duck under every time she needs to enter a room
GAVINJ 145 Місяць tagasi
Pastries oh yeah definitely but apparently she’s been tall for like 100 years now. Are there no builders or contractors in the village who could extend them?
Pastries Місяць tagasi
I’d assume the castle was built before she became that tall
Humter Місяць tagasi
“Note to self: don’t drink tap water at Jerry Garcia’s” -Ethan Winters
RampageBlizzard Місяць tagasi
I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one that thought Ethan’s dialogue was the most generic video-game trope shit ever
Thomas Arnold Coe
Thomas Arnold Coe Місяць tagasi
sam me
sam me Місяць tagasi
Maybe the one who was cursed was the friends we made along the way.
AloisMusicVideo Місяць tagasi
resident evil is truly a classic... just as gothic! you should play that
Haguan Місяць tagasi
4:38 I didn’t know dababy was in this game?
cellophanezebra Місяць tagasi
It's not even a badass line though
cellophanezebra Місяць tagasi
That's also the joke
PineapplePenguin 175
PineapplePenguin 175 Місяць tagasi
thats the joke
Marsh Місяць tagasi
4:38 LETS GO
based_will Місяць tagasi
I really highly enjoyed this game, I waited till after I finished it to watch this 😂
nirwana saktiawan
nirwana saktiawan Місяць tagasi
I not gonna lie that baby part terrifying
Puddingcess Місяць tagasi
You're laughing. Ethan is being chased by a giant demon baby and you're laughing.
Backup Місяць tagasi
Resident Evil 7 I was scared shitless for the entirety of the game. Resident Evil 8 was like a kids show; You have so many questions that all boil down to "thats just how it is". Like if this is the same mold from the last game, why tf is it making people vampires now? Like, why do they just randomly crave blood and are pale? So odd.
PineapplePenguin 175
PineapplePenguin 175 Місяць tagasi
Its not the same stuff from 7 lol
Bob McGuffin
Bob McGuffin Місяць tagasi
Who would have thought the land mine could double as a sea mine
Luc Daniel
Luc Daniel Місяць tagasi
Not gonna lie, the baby part scares me shitless.
Rotomon Місяць tagasi
The Dollhouse was by far the best part of Village imo. I though it was Fantastic.
Kiya Vas
Kiya Vas Місяць tagasi
I'm fragile but I'm not that fragile
Shadmun Місяць tagasi
That was no birthday party. Clearly a gender reveal.
Ame Місяць tagasi
"Note to self: do not watch Boss Baby at Dimitrescu's." - Gex
xXDimistreoXx Місяць tagasi
this is like a comeback competition at ethan winters house
Running Lime
Running Lime Місяць tagasi
Come on man. . .
E Місяць tagasi
I kinda considered playing this game until I watched this video
Adam Rigely
Adam Rigely Місяць tagasi
Poor Baby was just asking for an autograph from Dunkey :(
NerdilyDone Місяць tagasi
All I could think when Dunkey got eaten by the baby was that the baby could not digest him. The baby has no teeth!
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell Місяць tagasi
This game is blown simply cause shes tall and has tits.. the game is surprisingly boring but the gaming community is retarded so.
SAMR 23 päeva tagasi
Bruh She's not even a major part of the game
PineapplePenguin 175
PineapplePenguin 175 Місяць tagasi
Thats not the only reason people like the game but ok
Albert Brown
Albert Brown Місяць tagasi
4:33 🎶...what a thrill...🎶
Thegoodoldays Місяць tagasi
I really like how ethan has one liners but since he's a normal guy and not a superagent like every other protagonist all his lines are even lamer than normal for resident evil standards basically amounting to "no u".
Souls Teg's
Souls Teg's Місяць tagasi
kyler moses
kyler moses Місяць tagasi
But does she hold the world record on Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito
deegs Місяць tagasi
make the funny cheeto video
Makesime Місяць tagasi
resident evil making immortal ennemy is so boring
Retrograde04 Місяць tagasi
4:07 HEAVVVYYYYYYYY Silent Hill P.T. teaser vibes, really wish that game could have came out. Instead we got the first strand-type game.
RayvenFeather Місяць tagasi
i like RE 7 and this game but man do i hate ethan LOL
Zach Katsuda
Zach Katsuda Місяць tagasi
4:37 ⁉️ DABABY ⁉️
LydianLights Місяць tagasi
I was thinking this game looked pretty dumb until boss baby showed up
I am the bone of my salt
I am the bone of my salt Місяць tagasi
This game actually makes you feel like an Resident Evil: Villager
Politically Wincorrect
Politically Wincorrect Місяць tagasi
Waste of Bullets 8 > Waste of bullets 7
Thomas Crowley
Thomas Crowley Місяць tagasi
Texas doesn't exist tho
PK.M0XEE!! Місяць tagasi
4:38 Thats Dababy
Kaur Liivjõe
Kaur Liivjõe Місяць tagasi
“That’s DaBaby!”
DinosaurBess Місяць tagasi
Whole playthrough pleeeeasse
Very Cool Beans
Very Cool Beans Місяць tagasi
the babies mouth literally looks like a old b a g i n a
Sharpshot Місяць tagasi
Psycho Mantis?
SubAvianth Місяць tagasi
baby looks cute eheh
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