Official Console Tier List

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Anybody who disagrees with me will be banned.

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Flo Vi
Flo Vi 5 tundi tagasi
I agree with everything
Necrogen 13 tundi tagasi
NES for S tier because of SOOPA MARIO BRUDDAS TWO BABYBEEE..I dunno how many years it's won in a row.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 22 tundi tagasi
You forgot the seX-box
Hingle Mcgringleberry
Hingle Mcgringleberry Päev tagasi
sega jaguar, when you're here you're go to chillis.
PRIVACYf Päev tagasi
SEGA fanboy, fu, nintendo > SEGA
Zeljko Zelic
Zeljko Zelic Päev tagasi
Sony💪💪💪PC💪💪💪 All the rest just clutter 😉🦆
Zeljko Zelic
Zeljko Zelic 20 tundi tagasi
@dumb rosalina simp Soulja boy? it's always nice to see celebrities ripping off his fan's.keep the dream alive 💪💪💪🤦
dumb rosalina simp
dumb rosalina simp Päev tagasi
Soulja Console 💪💪💪 > literally any other console Cry about it 🤡
Tbone Coming
Tbone Coming Päev tagasi
Yes PC babyyyyyyyy
Drewtron 12
Drewtron 12 Päev tagasi
You forgot the wiiwii
Juwan Wilson
Juwan Wilson 2 päeva tagasi
Wait but PS4 had Knack 2.
Brandon Wakeland
Brandon Wakeland 2 päeva tagasi
Hate this
God Slayer36
God Slayer36 2 päeva tagasi
No okama game sphere???
zombie jelly
zombie jelly 3 päeva tagasi
Ps2 at D is a crime
Suhuki Shinden
Suhuki Shinden 3 päeva tagasi
In this state of my life where i am lost, unsure of whats right and whats wrong, unsure of whats true and whats false, unsure of whats real and whats fake, this video did not help my mental state.
kyle bow
kyle bow 3 päeva tagasi
if he was a real gamer he would have put "mobile" as a console on this list. cant believe i have to unsubscribe because of something like this :'(
Quincy 4 päeva tagasi
It’s an ok list. I think that you shoulda added the it Ouya the greatest console ever made
U tone
U tone 4 päeva tagasi
I love how the tier list is a joke
_Doop 4 päeva tagasi
It isn't and it should be taken at face value
U tone
U tone 4 päeva tagasi
I would have put nes in B
99 Dollar Man
99 Dollar Man 5 päeva tagasi
Wilfred you’ve done it again! Pwn all the liberal Nintendo lovers!!
Dinghy 5 päeva tagasi
whats the song at 4:02
Chelsea Murray
Chelsea Murray 5 päeva tagasi
Where’s the Soulja boy console?
Jeff Hargrove
Jeff Hargrove 6 päeva tagasi
Ive watched this 10 times at least but everytime I hear " tony the rapping beaver" I crack up
Junos Lenstorm
Junos Lenstorm 7 päeva tagasi
Yes classic Legend of the Dragon PS1 Thanks Dunkey
Mr. Roombastic
Mr. Roombastic 7 päeva tagasi
DUNKEY! you forgot about the KFC console :(
TrueRetrograde 7 päeva tagasi
Pc of shit video. Disliked.
24 Dhruv Jinadra
24 Dhruv Jinadra 7 päeva tagasi
7:32 no You
SavBeeing 9 päeva tagasi
I own a ps4 and I can agree it is indeed F tier
Untitled7549 8 päeva tagasi
CARLOS OLVERA 10 päeva tagasi
Armond White would be very proud
rebornreaper 10 päeva tagasi
buzyparticals375 10 päeva tagasi
"Why is there a phone on there?!?!?!?!?"
Polterdorf 10 päeva tagasi
What's the name of that outro music, sounds like a bop
Polterdorf 9 päeva tagasi
@Smith Smithony thx, time to jam out to this on loop for 10 hours
Smith Smithony
Smith Smithony 10 päeva tagasi
Angel island act 2 from sonic 3
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi 11 päeva tagasi
hey guys i just am going sue you i like sonix game so baby
DJ Dizzy
DJ Dizzy 11 päeva tagasi
This video pissed me off so much. Thumbs up.
aaron_my_lungs 12 päeva tagasi
Can't believe Dunkey glossed over classic consoles such as the OUYA
Bilal Munir
Bilal Munir 12 päeva tagasi
C = Classic B = Bad A = Ass Don't even try to debate me, I'll absolutely DESTROY you!
Coryu 12 päeva tagasi
Gamecube = Melee
slime 12 päeva tagasi
I had a ps4 for 2 years now
Japanese Jacques
Japanese Jacques 13 päeva tagasi
“N.E.S., it’s in the game.” I lol’d
AnAverageTerrarian 13 päeva tagasi
i love how every game he listed for the xbox one was also on other systems
Ding Ding
Ding Ding 13 päeva tagasi
this video is the pinnacle of dunkey. parts of the video just disappear with no explanation. he goes on for 30 seconds about how amazing something is and puts it in the d tier. i love this
Mc Breznak
Mc Breznak 14 päeva tagasi
what song is playing while the sega turn sonic game is shown?
Tony Franco
Tony Franco 14 päeva tagasi
Music around 6:50? Whats it called?
Tony Franco
Tony Franco 5 päeva tagasi
@1 at first i thought it was something from fornite but I couldn’t find that theme on EEexs
1 5 päeva tagasi
Sounds like something from halo but it's hard to tell with the talking.
Gimicio Talloni
Gimicio Talloni 15 päeva tagasi
I feel cheated the KFConsole did not get the love it deserved in this sham of a tier list. Dunkey is nit picking and bias. I win. Bye bye...
Giovanni V
Giovanni V 15 päeva tagasi
Oh god you reminded of my hours on hearthstone
Reidyne 15 päeva tagasi
That was the dumbest shit, good job
Max Kliegl
Max Kliegl 15 päeva tagasi
How could you forget Soulja Boy's consoles?!?! THEY'RE CLASSICS!!!!!!!!
ÇUZİ 15 päeva tagasi
Oh man Xbox fucking sucks
Liam M0
Liam M0 16 päeva tagasi
I think we need an updated Glover review
David Gardiner
David Gardiner 16 päeva tagasi
Exact first console and games as me. Child of the 80’s.
ThatZebraDude 18 päeva tagasi
How do you spell " S tier"?
The Retro Speculative
The Retro Speculative 18 päeva tagasi
Prove him wrong, kids. Prove him wrong.
Kalai Miller
Kalai Miller 18 päeva tagasi
My cat stopped watching as soon as you started talking about 32 bit
Big Nose
Big Nose 18 päeva tagasi
When he put ps2 in D tier i punched a hole through my monitor.
ewa 82
ewa 82 15 päeva tagasi
ok lol
Impetus 19 päeva tagasi
7:12 this part, but without the soyboy irony drizzled on top
luigi13 20 päeva tagasi
i want you to look at consoles and what they did with the limited hardware at the time, and not compare it to current consoles without considering this...
Folicious 17 päeva tagasi
Dude it’s a joke lol you’re fun
stealthassassin123 20 päeva tagasi
Bruh Xbox is trash
Or Or
Or Or 18 päeva tagasi
He hate Microsoft with a passion
limmy 19 päeva tagasi
Bruh his vids are satire
CYRAXX 20 päeva tagasi
plot twist: the tier list is in reverse and Xbox is shit
ManerKraner 20 päeva tagasi
I am so pissed right now
ashtar 20 päeva tagasi
Gaystation 4 😎
LiquidArmProduction 22 päeva tagasi
Some guys actual reaction: Dunkey: PS2 D Tier Guy: WHAT!? Fuck you Dunkey! PlayStation amazing! Nintendo shitty! Dunkey: Gaystation 4. F tier Same guy: it’s just satire guys. Calm down.
AdhesiveBraeden YT
AdhesiveBraeden YT 22 päeva tagasi
Man he's bullying us ps players
limmy 19 päeva tagasi
And he did xbox so idc
Brady HenryMN
Brady HenryMN 22 päeva tagasi
Lost couldn’t be better
Nathan C
Nathan C 22 päeva tagasi
Arthur Wilicker
Arthur Wilicker 22 päeva tagasi
Thoratec 22 päeva tagasi
This tier list reminds me a lot of Jerry Seinfeld doing comedy.
Hunter Heavilon
Hunter Heavilon 22 päeva tagasi
Umm fortnite is on the switch, get fact checked on son
limmy 19 päeva tagasi
It isn't on nes 🤭
Darth Batcow
Darth Batcow 22 päeva tagasi
oh man you sure got him
iSoutien 22 päeva tagasi
But once again Nintendo is out of touch I haven't left my house in years LMAO
ajpatino99 22 päeva tagasi
“Runnin that among us in 12k”
ajpatino99 22 päeva tagasi
“This is my mom’s favorite console” *picture of little donkey and big donkey* 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂
tadipoo 22 päeva tagasi
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov 22 päeva tagasi
I'm lost in so many layers of irony I don't know what's real anymore.
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov 22 päeva tagasi
Anyone else mad he didn't include the spongebob console where the joystick was his nose?
dumb rosalina simp
dumb rosalina simp Päev tagasi
Spinach bob plug and play console
PlayingWmaX! / lol
PlayingWmaX! / lol 23 päeva tagasi
tf happened to ps3 do
Shnoop 23 päeva tagasi
where dafuq intellivision @ tho
vesacksi 23 päeva tagasi
i really wish the ps4 sucks/sucked, for everyone else too, not just me..
Frank Calloway
Frank Calloway 23 päeva tagasi
I’m Gabe Newell and I approve this list!
Gully Forge
Gully Forge 24 päeva tagasi
So Xbox is the best 🗿👍
SethBowdenGaming 24 päeva tagasi
"Turned God of War into a Soy Boy" - Dunkey 2021 :-)
LondonTrainEnthusiast UK
LondonTrainEnthusiast UK 24 päeva tagasi
YOU have a punchable voice
Darth Batcow
Darth Batcow 22 päeva tagasi
Classic comment
jloae 23 päeva tagasi
Classic comment
Joseph A
Joseph A 24 päeva tagasi
just for that smell its going in the B tier holy shit what lmao
Ghanshyam Thapa
Ghanshyam Thapa 24 päeva tagasi
Okay okay I got it guys F- fucking awesome D- daaaammnn!! C- classic but with a twist B- but it could've been better A- aaahhhhhhhh skip S- even i don't know what that is And obviously at the top you army of ants. Don't try to correct me guys cuz' my opinion is the right one. I win, bye bye
JhongYT 24 päeva tagasi
I think when he said "today I'm gonna do an official tier list of the best consoles" was the last time he said something that wasn't a joke.
FBI Stat Major
FBI Stat Major 25 päeva tagasi
1:48 he drags the master system twice without ranking the casio
Ness 25 päeva tagasi
Great video
TheUltimateInkSack 25 päeva tagasi
I agree with everything on this list
tbxvividos 25 päeva tagasi
TIL valve was carrying console sales.
android gamer
android gamer 25 päeva tagasi
I am pissed
Wasu Myon
Wasu Myon 25 päeva tagasi
FBI Stat Major
FBI Stat Major 25 päeva tagasi
that intro with the barking donkey always makes me laugh and i know it shouldnt but it does
TheFrogman08 26 päeva tagasi
Well at least he got the GameCube right
Heath 26 päeva tagasi
He right about PS4 though.
limmy 19 päeva tagasi
He is joking
Slopshit 25 päeva tagasi
Impenetry 26 päeva tagasi
you're probably wondering why he isn't explaining that much about every one of these consoles. well, we're just too smoothbrain and that'd be a massive waste of time for a man like dunkey
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 26 päeva tagasi
Tell it like it is 🍻
Jay1728 26 päeva tagasi
Tanush Bhao
Tanush Bhao 26 päeva tagasi
The only thing i got X - Only get it if youre friends are getting it S- A- B- Bad C- Classic D- E- F- If you dont agree with me youre nitpicking and biased. I win, bye bye. Also someone help me find out what the rest of the tier means...
tailor John
tailor John 27 päeva tagasi
took me a while to realize he's just trolling
Luis 27 päeva tagasi
what song is that at 4:55 someone pleassssse tell me the OST
Neroidius 28 päeva tagasi
DS goes in the S tier and 3DS goes in the SSS tier
Blu Stickman
Blu Stickman 28 päeva tagasi
That intro tho
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez 28 päeva tagasi
When's the amongus dunkview dropping?
Infanity 29 päeva tagasi
This is why I hate dunky’s takes, he’s just a PlayStation fanboy
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