Balan Wonderworld

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Move over Mario.

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The Goon!
The Goon! 23 tundi tagasi
Those segments with Balan looked like they could have been fun boss fights. If only you were allowed to play them...
Brandon Houston
Brandon Houston Päev tagasi
"Oh my GOD it's BOXFOX!" 😭
ScribbleStudio Päev tagasi
If 'Mario Odyssey' and 'A Hat in Time' had a bastard child, it would be this..
Rat Päev tagasi
dunkey bought this game for 60 dollars lmao
Castafiore PT
Castafiore PT Päev tagasi
You know what this reminds me of? Skylanders, but somehow worse.
joel mccann
joel mccann Päev tagasi
Fucking box fox is literally the worst character ever
Fragger Grenadier
Fragger Grenadier Päev tagasi
I'm convinced every animation is so slow, just to get you past the 2 hour mark on steam so you can't refund it It's like someone took Mario Odyssey, made a knock off of it one android, then Square Enix bought it, then tried making a AAA $60 based off of the knock off
klonoa_theecabbitartworks 2 päeva tagasi
Balan Wonderland was great until this happen...
バンジョベンジ 2 päeva tagasi
8:36 *sees the hat* skrrt
Default 3 päeva tagasi
I was looking for the dreams logo in the cornor but no, this is from the company that made Kingdom Hearts
funkmastafog 3 päeva tagasi
Good ass music tho lol
IXeK 3 päeva tagasi
I thought that was a PS3 game
tis wong
tis wong 4 päeva tagasi
man if i played this off some shrooms i would be so disturbed and unreconcilable
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins 4 päeva tagasi
I played it and legit could not believe it was this horrendous usually dunkey will over exaggerate but not here
logansplayhouse 4
logansplayhouse 4 4 päeva tagasi
Ladies and gents, I believe we have finally found our Knack killer
tresblo 4 päeva tagasi
The best part is the dance
tresblo 4 päeva tagasi
The dance part is the best
space x
space x 4 päeva tagasi
What the 5:41
Wil Cockrell
Wil Cockrell 5 päeva tagasi
But look at them graphics
you're mom
you're mom 5 päeva tagasi
Remember that a hat in time was made by a small group of people.
John R
John R 5 päeva tagasi
I don’t know what I just watched but I hate it a lot. The game, that is. I loved this video a lot.
William Afton
William Afton 6 päeva tagasi
aico 6 päeva tagasi
fuck it up farmer ted
Pocket Dragon
Pocket Dragon 6 päeva tagasi
It's so sad, you can tell that passion went into this game, the character designs, the animation, and the music is all beautiful. I wonder what went wrong. I wish I was in a alternative reality where balan wonderworld was a good game.
Thomas Gillies
Thomas Gillies 7 päeva tagasi
i have no idea how a Japanese company made this feel so much like a weird european cartoon
Palladin Sauce
Palladin Sauce 8 päeva tagasi
The only youtuber who makes a video 9:59 long
Some Guy
Some Guy 8 päeva tagasi
The motion tracking dancing is the most painful thing to watch
Billy Moak
Billy Moak 8 päeva tagasi
5:42 is an underrated moment
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 päeva tagasi
Usually, dunkey makes games look a lot worse than they actually are. Dunkey makes this game look better than it actually is
free headd
free headd 9 päeva tagasi
Jesus loves you
FluxJoint 10 päeva tagasi
this could run on a ps2, no doubt
Klathis 10 päeva tagasi
Holy shit this game sucks
a s c e n d e d c a t
a s c e n d e d c a t 10 päeva tagasi
I feel like they made a bunch of filler power-ups in order to have enough characters to fill the dance scenes.
Celadon 11 päeva tagasi
I really felt like I was the one going insane at the farmer dance scene
Smol Sakuya
Smol Sakuya 11 päeva tagasi
I like how everyone who sees the first dance scene just goes in disbeliefe
Marshall Fields
Marshall Fields 12 päeva tagasi
"now i gotta play the rest of the game" HAHAHHA
aprendizmetalero 666
aprendizmetalero 666 12 päeva tagasi
“This is like drake bell dropping the soap in prision” -Gex
gamerkid 2000
gamerkid 2000 12 päeva tagasi
this is the type of game you would get on psp knock of for Christmas by people who aren't tech savy
Loren Garms
Loren Garms 12 päeva tagasi
What the actual shitting fuck is happening
Alomomola 13 päeva tagasi
this honestly looks like something made in dreams.
_B1itzkri3g 13 päeva tagasi
Something tells me 99% of their resources was funneled into the dance cutscenes
Dylen 13 päeva tagasi
WHo the fuckkl allows this to even happen at the big companies
AceLT 13 päeva tagasi
i thought they were over exaggerating how terrible this game is i-
FunnyFunFactory 13 päeva tagasi
locklear308 14 päeva tagasi
You know what really stinks is that even if you improved the power-ups, to me the presentation of this is just absolutely gross.
Richard Rearick
Richard Rearick 15 päeva tagasi
That soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gamingboynola 15 päeva tagasi
I am genuinely confused about what the songs say
Blair the cat
Blair the cat 16 päeva tagasi
It’s the game equivalent of seeing the most beautifully decorated cake in the world, then taking a slice and realizing it’s ONLY fondant.
2020 kidz
2020 kidz 16 päeva tagasi
why this kinda of game get localized while many other good one didn't omg
Bean Tin Productions
Bean Tin Productions 17 päeva tagasi
This game feels like direct to video 3d animated movie that was spat out onto Netflix and was never advertised.
Gyroscopicjester 17 päeva tagasi
Flame bastard
Quamont 18 päeva tagasi
Not gonna lie, this game makes me kind of mad. Like it's so fucked, it's borderline disgusting You know what no, this is disgusting!
Kyryyn Lyyh
Kyryyn Lyyh 18 päeva tagasi
Just before you bring up your theory in the vid, I was thinking this game seems like it is intentionally messing with people. Looks like something that would be very funny to watch/play in a hotseat-coop scenario, but paying 60 buckaroos is wacky.
GrimmyReaper 18 päeva tagasi
You know it's bad when the NES controller has TOO MANY buttons for this game.
Asle_Nezorf 18 päeva tagasi
When you don't even own the game and you still demand a refund
Shade Spark
Shade Spark 18 päeva tagasi
best game ever made i dare to say better then the ET Game.
Krispypixel 18 päeva tagasi
Watching those grown men approach the boy before the dance with the romantic-sounding music starting up was very uncomfortable. WTF whoever made this
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos 19 päeva tagasi
well it really has a little something for everyone
H. Thomas Seckinger
H. Thomas Seckinger 19 päeva tagasi
When Dunk posts a video on a new video game and doesn't have "(dunkview)" at the end you know it's gonna be good
Fadi Dankiha
Fadi Dankiha 19 päeva tagasi
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Fadi Dankiha
Fadi Dankiha 18 päeva tagasi
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patcit233 18 päeva tagasi
low quality videos
low quality videos 19 päeva tagasi
this looks like a high budget shovelware game
Spenoe 19 päeva tagasi
I love how dunkey is too busy laughing at how bad the game is than making his own jokes like normal
Risu 19 päeva tagasi
why are they all in the artstyle of billy hatcher
The Jokester
The Jokester 20 päeva tagasi
This game should be called Balan Masochist cuz who wants to torture themselves with this garbage ass game? 😒
Neen 20 päeva tagasi
Its so sad. This game had a lot of potential, the art style and story are really good, the cutscenes are beautiful. But they fucked it up horribly.
Mr. Perezident
Mr. Perezident 18 päeva tagasi
@1 Are you one of those people where if a game doesn’t look like BOTW it’s graphics are bad?
Neen 19 päeva tagasi
@1 I mean thats your opinion an its fine. I think the cutscenes and the design of Balan is amazing, the ideas behind the story are nice. This game could've been much better if it wasnt for the poor controls and bad gameplay
1 19 päeva tagasi
The art style is mediocre, I don't know anything about the story, and the cutscenes are an acid trip. The game never had that much potential to begin with and nothing will change that.
Il Re del Degrado
Il Re del Degrado 21 päev tagasi
Is this Bubsy 3D?
Chucklestic McCormick
Chucklestic McCormick 21 päev tagasi
Mike Benavidez
Mike Benavidez 21 päev tagasi
The amount of drugs you would need to take to properly play this game...
Krish Vasa
Krish Vasa 21 päev tagasi
Love how he turns right about when he sees the hat at 8:38 😂😂😂
Nicholas P
Nicholas P 21 päev tagasi
God, did they hire the people who did Food Fight for that dance sequence?
That Guy
That Guy 22 päeva tagasi
I now understand the exact feeling of “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”
DeadTurret 22 päeva tagasi
I give Balloon Fingerblast a 10/10 because of innovative and convenient powerups such as Box Fox.
Nick Gomez
Nick Gomez 22 päeva tagasi
2:00 mark is where Dunky channels MF DOOM
Someone 22 päeva tagasi
lol what is this??? really?? graphic looks fine and music it is too but everything else is completely bs lmao
Someone 22 päeva tagasi
and what the fuck???? this is not a some kind of childish musical that makes no sense, but this game now have like, 13 of it? wtf lmao this game is the most hilarious game i ever seen in 2021
Just Here
Just Here 22 päeva tagasi
I genuinely have no idea what Balan Wonderland is about, and this video has not changed that in the slightest.
Reka Colquhoun
Reka Colquhoun 22 päeva tagasi
how could you do this to me yuji naka
Ethan Tyrrell
Ethan Tyrrell 23 päeva tagasi
Personally, I'm excited for like five months from now when people start saying "C'mon guys, Balan Wonderworld isn't THAT bad"
Jeremy Seal
Jeremy Seal 23 päeva tagasi
Yugi Naka of his rock.
SlashXIV 23 päeva tagasi
5:42 Sounds like Conan O' Brien when he does THAT voice.
The Angry Billeh Show
The Angry Billeh Show 23 päeva tagasi
more!* 24 päeva tagasi
this is the worst shit ever
CIA 24 päeva tagasi
This is why you don't make mobile game for consoles
RyuZxA 24 päeva tagasi
You know it's gonna be shit when Dunkey name this video Balan Wonderland
Julioジュリオ 24 päeva tagasi
This is the kind of game that your mom would buy to you instead of GTA
Lavos 24 päeva tagasi
Just realized that the bird boss at 5:43 is an LSD-induced copy of the bird boss from Donkey Kong Country Returns lol
Matthew Stanley
Matthew Stanley 24 päeva tagasi
How is this game published by the same people that published NieR:Automata?
1 19 päeva tagasi
Because more than half of the shit that square publishes is complete garbage. It's surprising there even still in business when it seems they only publish one good game every year.
Qua A
Qua A 24 päeva tagasi
...? huh?
Rynnツ 24 päeva tagasi
5:40 That scream is my favorite dunkey moment
mario deignan
mario deignan 24 päeva tagasi
8:27 i just liked how he said flame bastard
LollerGames 25 päeva tagasi
Why can i play it only in 480p?
VarietyGhost 24 päeva tagasi
Bloodstar Kidlander
Bloodstar Kidlander 25 päeva tagasi
This is the kind of game that actually makes me appreciate games I consider shitty.
Waffles 25 päeva tagasi
with the inclusion of the dance bits im probably gonna wake up tomorrow and every mention of the game will not exist
Allen Naorem
Allen Naorem 25 päeva tagasi
They spend 80% of the budget on the opening cutscene, 15% on the the dance numbers and the remaining 5% on pizza.
Im_Still_Here 25 päeva tagasi
its a cult religion to come back every month to watch this video
Meg R
Meg R 26 päeva tagasi
I just bought this game and after watching you play it, I'm regretting the purchase. The wording describing the game is definitely better than the actual game itself.
That one guy
That one guy 26 päeva tagasi
I think for the farmer dance scene alone this is better than Mario Odyssey Edit: And a fireman dance? Just try to beat this game Mario, try it!
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez 26 päeva tagasi
People said it was bad but I didn't realise it was THAT kind of bad
Ivan 26 päeva tagasi
why only 480p
luxuriøus 27 päeva tagasi
Redorij75 27 päeva tagasi
This is like the fever dream version of Super Mario Odyssey.
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