Dunkey's Best of 2020

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Edit : Leah actually played Animal Crossing for 700 hours. My bad.

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RobbianMemz . exe
RobbianMemz . exe 12 tundi tagasi
Super Mario brothers 2?
noose9001 3 päeva tagasi
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia 4 päeva tagasi
Mister Rhombus
Mister Rhombus 6 päeva tagasi
“Leah actually played Animal Crossing for 700 hours. My bad” That description is golden
Jaboi Winning
Jaboi Winning 7 päeva tagasi
What’s the song that plays when dunkey is showing the silver-tongued man part?
Jaboi Winning
Jaboi Winning 7 päeva tagasi
Nvm found it
booomb 8 päeva tagasi
I am so happy that you mentioned Streets of Rage 4 and that you're using its awesome music
cone 8 päeva tagasi
kangourouuu1 9 päeva tagasi
His description of Hades fits for most of the rogue-light genre. Come guys, is fun.
HumanRios 9 päeva tagasi
Willie Haller
Willie Haller 11 päeva tagasi
I love Dunks passion
That One Youtuber
That One Youtuber 11 päeva tagasi
"People are still looking at me like I'm crazy for liking this game" Well Dunkey, that's because you are, TLOU2 is a shit game that, honestly, was disappointing on every front compared to the original...that being said, everyone has an opinion, and every opinion is different, and should be respected, therefore I respect your right to like that game.
Bijan 22
Bijan 22 11 päeva tagasi
Last of us 2 will always be trash, give 100 years and it still wouldn't change
Max fucking Payne
Max fucking Payne 11 päeva tagasi
What’s the song that plays when he shows doom eternal?
JBB 12 päeva tagasi
really wish more people played risk of rain 2, its like a better Hades, the soundtrack is 100% better and everything is way more fleshed out. if only it got a better chance
Cake Batter
Cake Batter 13 päeva tagasi
Potat LeBacon
Potat LeBacon 15 päeva tagasi
Why does everytime dunkey says 1 Hell of a Game I hear iron man's hand blaster powering up
JacksonBrickMedia 15 päeva tagasi
Where is my boy mile morales.
Frank Tenpenny
Frank Tenpenny 15 päeva tagasi
Dunky kung
Elec Tro
Elec Tro 17 päeva tagasi
I called the ‘i guess you could say it’s one hell of a game joke’ for when he reviewed doom and still burst out laughing
Joe Kunda
Joe Kunda 18 päeva tagasi
Will dunkey have to kill bowser this year? I think so
The chomper pizza assistant manager
The chomper pizza assistant manager 18 päeva tagasi
The lack of Ghost of tushima on this list is made up by rdr2 being number 1
Mark Handley
Mark Handley 18 päeva tagasi
9:55 what song is that? I’m sure it’s from a Tarantino movie but I can’t remember which
Imthedrunk 19 päeva tagasi
Stupid "bowl" shit as Kuma is sliding down bowling lane. Clever, Dunk.
AuthorMan 19 päeva tagasi
> Wishes Half Life Alyx never came out. > Instantly dislikes the video
Dank A
Dank A 6 päeva tagasi
tonytheoneandonly 20 päeva tagasi
@2:09 The Lost Vikings like the old side scrolling game from Blizzard? I loved that shi
Aidan Cole
Aidan Cole 21 päev tagasi
Wait a sec… wasn’t Red Dead Redemption II released in October 26th of 2018?? Why is this game in your 2020 video? And why wasn’t it in your Game of the Year 2018 video? I’m confused…
Gus Pauline
Gus Pauline 9 päeva tagasi
What you gotta understand is that this isn't "Best games of 2020", this is "Best games Dunkey has played in 2020".
34abub021 21 päev tagasi
He didn't like it that much in 2018
ViscerΔ 21 päev tagasi
“Mario is good” “I wish HL Alyx didn’t come out” The brain damage is real
baha alkhateeb
baha alkhateeb 12 päeva tagasi
Are you saying that Mario isn't good?
34abub021 16 päeva tagasi
The bandwagoning is real
dexri 22 päeva tagasi
i thought half life 3 was worth the wait
PotatoMcFry 25 päeva tagasi
Dunkey and Hosico, my two favorite EEexsrs.
Vukadinovic Predrag
Vukadinovic Predrag 27 päeva tagasi
you are a sellout. Go do minecraft saturday.
Netzin 27 päeva tagasi
8:25 anyone know the music?
AleaIactaEst 23 päeva tagasi
Just search the rdr2 ost. Sounds like one of the later. mission themes.
Syed Ali Haider Zahidi
Syed Ali Haider Zahidi 27 päeva tagasi
I can't believe tekken 7 was higher than doom eternal
Matt Ferro
Matt Ferro 28 päeva tagasi
Why are these videos so rewatchable
Sanawon Місяць tagasi
Fethi Umur
Fethi Umur Місяць tagasi
When I watch dunkey I reach for the like button only to find that I've already did.
Jacob Subirana
Jacob Subirana Місяць tagasi
Kenneth Centers
Kenneth Centers Місяць tagasi
Damn, now I wish I had finished Red Dead 2.
*REDACTED* *REDACTED* Місяць tagasi
I feel like the trailing mission count in red dead 2 is almost compensated for by the fact that the stuff they talk about and say to each other isn't dumb and is funny unlike assassin's Creed
Darío 19 päeva tagasi
Reginald Місяць tagasi
Last of us 2 is literal asscheeks
James Lanier
James Lanier 17 päeva tagasi
@Reginald Lmaooooo
Reginald 17 päeva tagasi
@Pedro Viola hard work doesn’t equate to an enjoyable experience
Reginald 17 päeva tagasi
@James Lanier fake interview
James Lanier
James Lanier 22 päeva tagasi
@Pedro Viola It's funny because the real Reggie liked it. He interviewed Druckmann about it a few months ago.
Pedro Viola
Pedro Viola 26 päeva tagasi
this is why bowser replaced you reggie. good game devs respect the hard work of others instead of putting it down.
LumbyMcGumby Місяць tagasi
Animal crossing's music is already nostalgic to me and it's only been a year
Derek Ingram
Derek Ingram Місяць tagasi
Can you defend the shitty coin system Mario Kart 8 uses?
Great Hex
Great Hex Місяць tagasi
5:47 is where i lost myself laughing hard af
SSA Місяць tagasi
Dunkey I don't understand why you always pick games that are 1 or 2 years before your year review. What are you some baby? You need to go back to the real games and have teenage mutant ninja turtles manhatten missions as a game of the year.
Connor Swanson
Connor Swanson Місяць tagasi
He edited out the lick in the Mario kart section.
Build A Brick
Build A Brick Місяць tagasi
are you going to kill bowser
aShyone Місяць tagasi
Really didnt expect heros of the storm.... to bad blizzard doesnt give a shit about it
Evan Lewis
Evan Lewis Місяць tagasi
7:12 song? Its from tekken but i forgot which one
Dalek sec
Dalek sec Місяць tagasi
See at least LOU part 2 of wasn’t GOTY
James Law
James Law Місяць tagasi
deburrito Місяць tagasi
The wheezes during the Hades segment has me reeling
Ale Місяць tagasi
Someone warn Bowser he is going to die
Nick Місяць tagasi
went from playing rdr2 to ds3. rdr2 sucks piles of balls in comparison. story = borey
Nick 11 päeva tagasi
@Sanskar Mishra Let me try doing the mission this way - NOPE. Ok how about I use a sniper - NOPE. Ok I'll go around back - NOPE . RDR2 = Best game ever
Darío 19 päeva tagasi
Bad take indeed
Sanskar Mishra
Sanskar Mishra Місяць tagasi
Bad take lul
edward dedko
edward dedko Місяць tagasi
Ha Ns
Ha Ns Місяць tagasi
I disagree with this list. Feel free to wirte hate comments but just know, I'm an artist and a chest master. So thats who you'r talking to
Pantsu Senpai
Pantsu Senpai Місяць tagasi
Great video
Boop Місяць tagasi
3:57 I guess we may be killing bowser, guys.
Rooster ace22
Rooster ace22 Місяць tagasi
Holy shit 😳 180 moves in tekken 7 i played once with a couple of friends and I was button mashing the whole time. I wonder how many moves I did without knowing it 🤔
Vinayak Pujari
Vinayak Pujari Місяць tagasi
getting a PS5 next week. Surely will try TLOU2 this time. Even though the game is controversial, still wanna try it
bracketslash_ 21 päev tagasi
@Dr. Strangelove in your opinion it's bad, loved it
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove 25 päeva tagasi
@Pedro Viola no the game is terrible
Pedro Viola
Pedro Viola 26 päeva tagasi
have fun my guy. personally I think it’s one of the best ps4 exclusives, alongside god of war.
Da Phats
Da Phats Місяць tagasi
Did Dunkey ever play Outer Wilds? I'd like to see him do a video on it
Mega Mega
Mega Mega Місяць tagasi
Well we just had e3, no mario kart 9. Bowser better start counting his days.
MajorSnowballX Місяць tagasi
People like HLA for the story more then the gameplay itself. The story and atmosphere was so breathtaking that people saw through the problems. But not amogus Minecraft speed runner greatest rapper of all time dunkey. He knows a bad game from a good game. Unsubbed
jose santiago jacinto tobar
jose santiago jacinto tobar Місяць tagasi
10:08 *su..*
El tempest
El tempest Місяць tagasi
The fall of dunkey Starts here
Justin Alejandro
Justin Alejandro Місяць tagasi
2022 is the year watch out
Sugar Jesus
Sugar Jesus Місяць tagasi
ThomasDaGOAT Місяць tagasi
Red dead redemption 2 came out in 2018 why did it win for 2020
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker Місяць tagasi
mariokart 9 not looking too good after today... doug bowser count your days
Kinio Briata
Kinio Briata Місяць tagasi
What happened to SUPER MARIO BROS 2???!?
Adime Ji
Adime Ji Місяць tagasi
6:07 this sentence aged like wine.
Dimly Dumbor
Dimly Dumbor Місяць tagasi
God I can’t stop laughing at “I’ll kill em”
Mike Mcmullen
Mike Mcmullen Місяць tagasi
Dark souls didn't need an easy mode. The mod for actually good controls made it pretty easy
Arlon Lucetius
Arlon Lucetius Місяць tagasi
i stopped when he said TLOU2 was better than Hades. Donkelby, my man, my compadre, mi amigo, my little pomegranate. Hades was by far the best game since, like, mario odyssey. I have yet, in 2021, to see a game that even competes. I respect your opinion and all, but you totally did Hades dirty here. You chose the buff marge simpson game over the best greek mythology game ever, and this is coming from a guy who is _making_ a greek mythology game, i know mine wont even come close.
Arlon Lucetius
Arlon Lucetius 26 päeva tagasi
@Pedro Viola aha yes because the guy who calls youtubers "his little pomegranate" desires only to be taken absolutely seriously
Pedro Viola
Pedro Viola 26 päeva tagasi
it’s his opinion dummy. you don’t have to agree.
The Nintendo Gamer
The Nintendo Gamer Місяць tagasi
Animal Crossing straight up made 2020 for me. 1500+ hour club.
Bread snake
Bread snake Місяць tagasi
I like that dunkey rates the games he plays and not only games that came out that year
Take a Wild guess.
Take a Wild guess. Місяць tagasi
I’m going on my third play through of red dead and I can support how good this game is
Samwhey Gnarly
Samwhey Gnarly Місяць tagasi
Hades: “You get currency to upgrade your dude and unlock easy mode” Hades is soulslike confirmed
Snikpoh 1390
Snikpoh 1390 Місяць tagasi
"I guess you could say it's....*WEEEZE* ONE HELL OF A GAME!!!!!!".........................."I'll kill 'em!"
arturo ayon
arturo ayon Місяць tagasi
The godly company frustratingly pump because decade lally hop atop a used veil. disgusted, testy drake
Gurgel Місяць tagasi
Nine years of supermario brothers 2 winning
CSBT Production
CSBT Production Місяць tagasi
RDR2 was a game with high expactations, but it didnt fail, like Cyberpunk. I like Rockstar lol
Josh Head
Josh Head Місяць tagasi
Only dunkey can keep poking at Hideo kojima because he knows that kojima is a genius and this is just one strand of his genius
Smith Smithony
Smith Smithony Місяць tagasi
the best youtube ever!
Speedoman Місяць tagasi
theres no mario 2 so this video sucks 0/5
Toasted Bagels
Toasted Bagels Місяць tagasi
I don’t like LOU2 but I respect his opinion. Unsubbed and blocked
Toasted Bagels
Toasted Bagels 20 päeva tagasi
@Bas Thank you *takes the pin and slams it into my bare chest, bleeding everywhere* This is awesome.
Bas Місяць tagasi
Wow you really got him 👏👏👏👏 here’s a medal 🎖
mikykr-5 Місяць tagasi
Ah yes, the best game of 2020 hands down: *S U P*
Nayem Rahman
Nayem Rahman Місяць tagasi
Disliked, reported, unsubscribed. Super mario bros 2 isn’t number one. All I heard is the end was soup.
Rather dapper gentlemen
Rather dapper gentlemen Місяць tagasi
Number 1 should have been mk4 for its photorealistic graphics
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Місяць tagasi
6:06 that's so true. I have been already saying this when the game released
Giannis Spirou
Giannis Spirou Місяць tagasi
@「 Deadpoppin 」 Me too, cuz I played the first game 2-3 years ago.
「 Deadpoppin 」
「 Deadpoppin 」 Місяць tagasi
@Giannis Spirou I like the first a lot, but TlOU2 is even better, i played the first game one week before TLOU2. So i didnt have nostalgia blocking my view
Giannis Spirou
Giannis Spirou Місяць tagasi
I was one of those who watched a playthrough and thought that it was a disappointing sequel 😂 (I didn't think it was bad, just disappointing). Literally finished it earlier this day and it's even better than the first game imo.
big clover
big clover Місяць tagasi
Bob Got no job
Bob Got no job Місяць tagasi
I love soup.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight Місяць tagasi
Soup 10:08
Yogi Місяць tagasi
ah yes soup wins again in first place
huush stew
huush stew Місяць tagasi
when Super Mario Brothers 2's game of the year appearance hits its apex of just getting shorter and shorter, I expect it to take up at least 12 hours worth of the next 'best of' video
FAMOUStheproducer 2 місяці tagasi
Ori and the will of the smiths hahaha
Fuckwad 2 місяці tagasi
Animal Crossing is a fucking glorified mobile game, it’s trash. Just stop
「 Deadpoppin 」
「 Deadpoppin 」 Місяць tagasi
I agree
HouseHobo 2 місяці tagasi
Donkey likes heroes of the storm. That’s what I call character development
Chiken Morris
Chiken Morris 2 місяці tagasi
I guess you could say 2020 was, one hell of a year
cristobal ramirez
cristobal ramirez 2 місяці tagasi
I love how he used a left 4 dead soundtrack for The Last of Us
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 2 місяці tagasi
Dunkey wanted soup.
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