Top 10 Hottest Female Mario Characters

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Vault_Raider76 32 minutit tagasi
Where's baby Daisy
recycle bin
recycle bin 3 tundi tagasi
what am i doing
Garvit Sharma
Garvit Sharma 23 tundi tagasi
This is the same video as the one you reacted to. You reacted to the Sonic hot female characters. I Remember!
Spawk the spawk
Spawk the spawk Päev tagasi
dunky please tell me the song name for princess peach bit u dweebus. kthx
Flesh Blesser
Flesh Blesser Päev tagasi
My Sweet Passion, Sonic Adventure OST
Spawk the spawk
Spawk the spawk Päev tagasi
TraderJoestar 2 päeva tagasi
If only we could see her take wing
Flesh Blesser
Flesh Blesser 2 päeva tagasi
Half chub the whole way through.
bibinator 2 päeva tagasi
This is something I deliberately looked up on youtube when I was 25
Adam Bethell
Adam Bethell 2 päeva tagasi
Man the Guptill references have been coming out of alot of people i follow lately. Pretty dern perfect
Drip Kirby
Drip Kirby 2 päeva tagasi
He didn’t use the “this is HOT”
Thom Schoonheim
Thom Schoonheim 2 päeva tagasi
If only we could see her take wing
Isaac J. Elliott
Isaac J. Elliott 2 päeva tagasi
Another masterpiece
Santiago Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez 3 päeva tagasi
Minus8 and Sigurd hosenfeld are really angry.
Ethan Leino
Ethan Leino 4 päeva tagasi
"Harriet? More like I want to marry it" Sent me directly to therapy. Do not pass go, do not collect $200
Mr Spaghetti
Mr Spaghetti 4 päeva tagasi
This top 10 video is peachy keen, if you get what i’m saying. Game on!
Chaddington Bear
Chaddington Bear 4 päeva tagasi
Hahahahhaa the god damn accuracy
Chanselor Gowron
Chanselor Gowron 4 päeva tagasi
I shall put this video in my sucicide note
Dante the son of sparda
Dante the son of sparda 4 päeva tagasi
I fucking hate how on point this is
GrandAngelicSwords 5 päeva tagasi
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 5 päeva tagasi
Robosa Zizou
Robosa Zizou 5 päeva tagasi
I hate how these are the kinds of videos I used to watch in 2008.
Full Moon Society
Full Moon Society 5 päeva tagasi
What a price to pay
Full Moon Society
Full Moon Society 5 päeva tagasi
Isn't Birdo a male?
Zirilo 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine if someone sees this and believes its true
Harem Weeb
Harem Weeb 7 päeva tagasi
who tf isn't rosalina at number 1 :agnryface:
Edgar Parnell
Edgar Parnell 7 päeva tagasi
Where did you get these pictures bro 💀💀💀
CCrookEDSNX 7 päeva tagasi
What am I watching
ItsLogan 7 päeva tagasi
No cap daisy kinda 😳
Draconis Ultimax
Draconis Ultimax 7 päeva tagasi
This is a reminder that birds is actually male… let that sink in
Gushers TM
Gushers TM 7 päeva tagasi
Balthasar Gelt
Balthasar Gelt 8 päeva tagasi
I know what this references and Im ashamed
Just some guy with a beard
Just some guy with a beard 9 päeva tagasi
Is it bad that I feel uncomfortable watching this ?
A 1 idiot GUy nl
A 1 idiot GUy nl 9 päeva tagasi
whay a price to pay
Salazar 9 päeva tagasi
"shout out to all the moms" - drunkey 2058
jeyff 10 päeva tagasi
this is the worst list i've ever seen!
Ethan Lamborghini
Ethan Lamborghini 10 päeva tagasi
(making a list about mario Characters and uses sonic adventure music throughout the entire video)
Ethan Lamborghini
Ethan Lamborghini 6 päeva tagasi
@Noah Bullock yeah I know I saw the video were he reacted to it
Noah Bullock
Noah Bullock 6 päeva tagasi
It’s because it’s a parody of a video called “top 10 hottest female sonic characters” by Guptill89
Gruma 65
Gruma 65 10 päeva tagasi
Real question: is Mario the same size as an average human mother?
Phenomalix008 11 päeva tagasi
As soon as I saw this video, I knew there would be at least one t-posing character model.
jmonkey106 11 päeva tagasi
nice guptill reference bro
Shawn Gonzalez
Shawn Gonzalez 11 päeva tagasi
Man I love dunktil
Luc Makelele
Luc Makelele 11 päeva tagasi
My goodness 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dunkey never fails to surprise me, I didn't see this one coming
Mitchell B
Mitchell B 12 päeva tagasi
I like how he put sonic the hedgehog music in the background
A Duck
A Duck 12 päeva tagasi
my list 1: rosalina 2: pauline 3: daisy 4:peach
シnarwold 12 päeva tagasi
D3 entertainment striving for originality
Travis McBride
Travis McBride 12 päeva tagasi
lmao i love how you put in size of average human mother from dude with the sonic females
Jay Scully
Jay Scully 13 päeva tagasi
I love how nothing could top Guptill’s original, so it’s nearly a word for word translation into Mario
Durgens 13 päeva tagasi
Great Work!
I H 13 päeva tagasi
I knew this was a joke video when Rosalina was #9
Szymon Chrzanowski
Szymon Chrzanowski 13 päeva tagasi
Hes just so ePic
tomer 14 päeva tagasi
Europeans use meters Americans use feet Dunkey uses average human mothers
Elias 14 päeva tagasi
If Bowser isn't number one we are gonna have drama.
KTB Kensame
KTB Kensame 15 päeva tagasi
This does feel like a guptill post
The Mighty Dab
The Mighty Dab 15 päeva tagasi
This has nearly 10 times the view of the 11 year old video it's satirizing. There are almost 2 million people who have watched this without slurping the sauce
Een The Bean
Een The Bean 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine people only watching this and thinking that all of Dunkey's videos are like this
Bon Bon
Bon Bon 15 päeva tagasi
Dunky is furry
Richard Lucena
Richard Lucena 15 päeva tagasi
Well yeah he is a Dunkey.
Silas Reis
Silas Reis 16 päeva tagasi
Finally good content
Thaddeus Russell
Thaddeus Russell 16 päeva tagasi
Revisiting after the sonic video
ً 16 päeva tagasi
This looks like a 2006 video but its in 2021
MC Panda
MC Panda 17 päeva tagasi
3:45 holy crap
Final Pandasy
Final Pandasy 18 päeva tagasi
Rosalina only 9? Gtfo. What kind of trash list is this.
SeaPuff Animations
SeaPuff Animations 18 päeva tagasi
People actually drew these pictures. The internet is so messed up.
Barbequeworm 18 päeva tagasi
Watching top ten hottest female sonic characters before this makes this video much better
AU U 18 päeva tagasi
Wait till he finds out Birdo's a guy.
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 18 päeva tagasi
This is so much better now that I know the context
Not Mephisto
Not Mephisto 18 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised Big the Cat didn't make the list. What's up with that?
Blast King
Blast King 18 päeva tagasi
his number 0 is donkey kong
Yellow Playdough
Yellow Playdough 19 päeva tagasi
I had the option to click away whenever I wanted, why didn't I?
Rafiki 19 päeva tagasi
This feels like the scene from shrek, when the magic mirror is showing lord farqwad all the princesses
Evan Dien
Evan Dien 19 päeva tagasi
What's the song at the end lol
Grannola Bar
Grannola Bar 19 päeva tagasi
4:00 Mario has that sigma grindset
Artyom Medvedev
Artyom Medvedev 20 päeva tagasi
leeislate 20 päeva tagasi
I expected number 1 to be super mario bros 2
BlooperBoi 22 päeva tagasi
I swear to Godzilla if Zelda isn’t on this list I’m gonna blow up a city
Slesser !
Slesser ! 22 päeva tagasi
Princess peach rabbit version got me going like: 🤯🤯😳😳😱😱😨😨🥵🥵🥵🤤🤤🤤
Bingus Chingus
Bingus Chingus 22 päeva tagasi
This video is like Chris Chan narrating his top ten boyfriend-less sweethearts
HiByeDie 21
HiByeDie 21 22 päeva tagasi
Luigi .... Rabbit Version has the be the hottest male characters in Mario
Air Vent
Air Vent 22 päeva tagasi
pretty sure those "six big spheres of hair" are actually handlebars.
the heckler
the heckler 22 päeva tagasi
still disappointed that Wendy Koopa didn't make the list smh my head
Bob Got no job
Bob Got no job 23 päeva tagasi
Mama mia
onequarterofanoodle 23 päeva tagasi
Glad to see bowsette was kept from joining the list
*DeltaBlazin* 24 päeva tagasi
Bullshit Toadette clearly should have been number 1
enzo gabriel
enzo gabriel 24 päeva tagasi
Everyone but Birdo there... i think this is really true
Shatavia Robinson
Shatavia Robinson 25 päeva tagasi
Y’all know bowsette is 16
McTomboi Gaming
McTomboi Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
I died at “Harriet, more like I want to marry it”
Mick Tyler
Mick Tyler 25 päeva tagasi
It’s amazing he packed so much sarcasm into such a short video
Wasu Myon
Wasu Myon 25 päeva tagasi
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos 26 päeva tagasi
NGL, i expected bowsette to be number 1
Green Light Music
Green Light Music 26 päeva tagasi
Guptill89 punching the air rn
Rui Pedro Sousa
Rui Pedro Sousa 26 päeva tagasi
This list is very outdated. As every alpha gamer should know, daunkay has a new and improved list whith rabbid risalina in #1. Very innacurate, dislike 🤬👎
Kyaban 27 päeva tagasi
Birdo is a guy.
Chip 27 päeva tagasi
Mama Mia 🤤
KCghost 27 päeva tagasi
How about goombela
Prophet Snow
Prophet Snow 28 päeva tagasi
Yo can we talk about this Rosalina placement real quick?
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 28 päeva tagasi
His tone of voice this entire video is... something else..
Not Spoiler At All
Not Spoiler At All 28 päeva tagasi
Wait, i don't get it, Isn't this a troll video?
Solar Flare
Solar Flare 29 päeva tagasi
He laughed
Jimmy Pineapple
Jimmy Pineapple 29 päeva tagasi
I forgot my orange juice
Dom Andal
Dom Andal 29 päeva tagasi
If only we could see her take wing 😢
Benassiesto Місяць tagasi
“If only we could see her take wing” kills me
Revenge KKarma
Revenge KKarma Місяць tagasi
Rewatching this with context made it 10x funnier
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