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The ultimate twitch stream.

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Zoyberggaming 8 tundi tagasi
Is this a movie??? I just bought this thinking it’s a bunch of left over stock footage. Well, back to bowsers goomba castle
Abyss MMO
Abyss MMO 13 tundi tagasi
aint bo black people xD
Funkopedia 20 tundi tagasi
A little something for everyone?
Kyryyn Lyyh
Kyryyn Lyyh 2 päeva tagasi
Came back to finish the video now I’ve watched the movie. What a whimsical experience that was. I am already looking forward the the rewatch sometime soon.
G_Odu Of the North
G_Odu Of the North 3 päeva tagasi
2nd Comment: I'm so happy I watched this, somehow as a film student a professor has never recommended this film. Holy shit this is a really good movie, the fact that it can take a modernized society that almost feels dystopian and then end on such a positive note is amazing. I love how despite all of the chaos of the system falling apart, the machinations of man ending in ruin, it so easily could've ended with some cataclysm to throw itself on the pyre of trite Luddite cautionary tales, but instead, morning comes and mankind lives on, we live another day, streetlamps reach towards the sky like flowers about to bloom. We realize that the human race is destined to grow, trip over their own pretense of mastery, fall flat on their face, only to wake up the next morning and try again. It'sa.. It'sa.... It'sa Mastahpiece (chef's kiss.)
My Dude
My Dude 4 päeva tagasi
Even the grayest sky Can bring a tear to my eye 👁️
Sven Ægain
Sven Ægain 5 päeva tagasi
Top 3 Dunkito Burritos ~ 1. MGS Storyline explanation 2. Playtime 3.Everything Else. Nahh, 1 was SupSupSuper Mario Bros 2
Krowgar 5 päeva tagasi
I loved this video Dunk! Ill give playtime a watch sometime!
ramcurequeeny 6 päeva tagasi
I never seen the movie playtime
dontscrewtheworld 7 päeva tagasi
So, I finally watched this movie, and my thoughts on it are... This is the film equivalent of shoegaze. Now bear with me. There's no real focus to this movie. Characters just wander in and out of the frame, and any tangible event that happens within it is just treated as background noise. Everything just kinda blends in with each other to create this barely comprehensible sea of stuff happening. Just like shoegaze, it creates this wall of noise where no individual element is easily distinguishable from one another. Criterion describes the setting of this movie as "modern society on the edge of oblivion" and I can't help but agree. Nothing in this movie feels real. It's just a whole lot of incomprehensible rules and rituals that make up a parody of metropolitan life. You can't help but feel that all it would take is for one thing to go wrong for the whole thing to just fall apart. I've never seen a movie that made me feel anything like this before, and I thank Dunkey for bringing it to my attention.
Legge Vie
Legge Vie 8 päeva tagasi
Good old French film
Zamith Marliston
Zamith Marliston 8 päeva tagasi
Man, why can't english class teach me how to write like this, instead of explaining why how to kill a mockingbird is relevant in today's time
Zamith Marliston
Zamith Marliston 8 päeva tagasi
Man I love all of dunkey's insights. Whenever he makes a video like this it just makes me feel as if I have just gotten a lecture, but that I actually found fascinating and makes me yearning for more. Deconstructing a piece of art in such a maniacal manner is art in itself.
Ambrose 9 päeva tagasi
Thanks Dunkey. This was a great recommendation. It's like a silent film but not silent
Storminmormn6 9 päeva tagasi
That's it. I'm convinced Dunkey is a genius.
free headd
free headd 9 päeva tagasi
Jesus loves you
Gilbert Fry
Gilbert Fry 9 päeva tagasi
5:02 is just the icing on the cake
Cj Sholtis
Cj Sholtis 11 päeva tagasi
Well now I gotta buy this :) Thanks doonk
Jay McGavren
Jay McGavren 11 päeva tagasi
OMG Dunkey *thank you*. Without you I wouldn't have known this movie existed, much less given it a chance. It's like watching "Airplane!" as a kid for the first time, only way, way better. I haven't laughed this hard in years. Seriously, anyone reading this, cast your doubts aside and spend $4 to rent this movie. At first you will say "wtf" but keep watching. You will be richly rewarded.
EdWithAnO 12 päeva tagasi
What cant this man review
Nick Mineo
Nick Mineo 12 päeva tagasi
Someone remind of what the outro song is from
Skilliard 15 päeva tagasi
"Many employees stand idle with nothing to do while others do the work of 10 people". So basically every office ever
Super Mario Brothers 2
Super Mario Brothers 2 15 päeva tagasi
This truly was the first strand-type movie.
sandro lamanna
sandro lamanna 16 päeva tagasi
I love when dunkey movie Monday
Endoterrestrials 18 päeva tagasi
welp, I'm watching this
ZiekrIIe 20 päeva tagasi
i mean one bite of that fish would probably contain one hungry mans portion of salt
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 20 päeva tagasi
Please to the French film Le Chèvre next
regenerations 20 päeva tagasi
I spy but it's a movie.
Chris B
Chris B 20 päeva tagasi
You seem like you "like" movies Dunkey, have you ever seen Mother? It's a Korean who done it from the perspective of an unhealthily clingy mother who's son has been accused of murder.
SLAP1FACE 21 päev tagasi
confounding ᵗᵉᶜʰⁿᵒˡᵒᵍʸ
D Gayle
D Gayle 21 päev tagasi
The way Dunkey explains this movie is similar to how I explain Dunkey's channel to others.
HIDEO KOJIMA 17 päeva tagasi
silverx2624 21 päev tagasi
Is it just me or did the "Do not eat that fish" line have you laughing hard as well
Lucas O’Donnell
Lucas O’Donnell 22 päeva tagasi
dunkey you should do a review of terry gilliam’s brazil
soffy hoffers
soffy hoffers 22 päeva tagasi
I'm always pleasantly surprised at Dunkey's legit reviews with thought out commentary and insight after watching him fake apologize, un-apologize, and then re-apologize to Dream as a meme, lol. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both. It's a crazy ride, lol, well done
Acacia 22 päeva tagasi
Yo why is Saddam Hussein in the thumbnail
Jean Zuleta
Jean Zuleta 22 päeva tagasi
Yes!!!! Movie reviews
Lu The Gamecat
Lu The Gamecat 22 päeva tagasi
One thing that Dunkey didn’t mention is that the full restaurant scene is 45 MINUTES LONG
AnonymousJon 23 päeva tagasi
Wtf how have I never even heard of this movie when it seems like the kind of thing that could've launched a whole new genre?
JamesDolan1978 23 päeva tagasi
So this is the movie that inspired transformers...I see it all now.
The Institute
The Institute 23 päeva tagasi
I knew it was based in france when I saw the Renault R8 in the first 30 seconds. Classic.
NerdOracle 23 päeva tagasi
It’s not even 7 am I woke up like 15 minutes ago I’m 3 minutes into this video and dunkey has single handedly revitalized my soul. I feel so awake now that it’s unsettling
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 23 päeva tagasi
Been waiting for this review for like two years
CalvinSkates 24 päeva tagasi
Dumkey I saw this movie at the MoMA. Is this how you found out about it?
CaliforniaHP 24 päeva tagasi
Dunkey thank you for that I enjoyed that film for sure
Matthias Reith
Matthias Reith 24 päeva tagasi
1:29 yeah like whats with the waitress handing out roses?
Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez 24 päeva tagasi
This is like a fever dream.
Jens Glomnes Hertzberg
Jens Glomnes Hertzberg 25 päeva tagasi
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 25 päeva tagasi
I like how there's a cardboard cutout in just about every scene
Tank Kirb
Tank Kirb 25 päeva tagasi
wait this was a dunkey video the entire time
kei saboru
kei saboru 25 päeva tagasi
LOL JAPAN Simulator 🤣
Cathode Ray
Cathode Ray 26 päeva tagasi
Great video.
Francis 26 päeva tagasi
directed and written by kojima
Johnny Stevens
Johnny Stevens 26 päeva tagasi
amazing! i’ll check it out
Asle_Nezorf 26 päeva tagasi
5:02 he actually muffled his voice when the door closed ✨
Josh Fennell
Josh Fennell 14 päeva tagasi
I wonder if editing thousands of videos has sharpened Dunkey's appreciation for masterful integration of sound and motion, which leads naturally through Tati.
Spoop 26 päeva tagasi
I really love these videos that are just reviews.
Retegar 26 päeva tagasi
Watched this after seeing this review. Such a great movie. I could watch this 10 more times and notice different things each time. I also watched mr. hublot’s holiday after this, Jacques Tati’s more famous film. It was pretty funny but not as good as this.
Santiago Manuel
Santiago Manuel 26 päeva tagasi
please review more movies dunkey this was a beatiful essay on a beautiful movie and i appreciate it from the bootom of my heart. mon oncle is also a really good movie of tati.
Santiago Manuel
Santiago Manuel 26 päeva tagasi
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 27 päeva tagasi
I like how there's a cardboard cutout in just about every scene
kolim jone
kolim jone 28 päeva tagasi
I like how there's a cardboard cutout in just about every scene
Greg Perez-Greene
Greg Perez-Greene 28 päeva tagasi
this was a phenomenal video
Slurpie 28 päeva tagasi
5:02 dunkey changes the audio to make it sound like he is behind the door that closes. surprised I didn't find this in the comments already.
TheSwissBadger 29 päeva tagasi
This is the type of content that should be included with my criterion channel subscription
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 27 päeva tagasi
Love hearing him talk about something g he really enjoys
Zeph Kedros
Zeph Kedros 29 päeva tagasi
dunkey this is really amazing
Ique 29 päeva tagasi
dukey, i'm blind what am i supposed to do
The Middleman
The Middleman 29 päeva tagasi
Karl Retzlaff
Karl Retzlaff 29 päeva tagasi
If I'm correct Playtime is a part of a 4 part series of hulo traveling to different countries
likemy Місяць tagasi
Movies shot today look like diarrhea dogshit compared to '60s films. Not just this one--go back and watch Vertigo or North by Northwest or 2001.
jerrygodeep 29 päeva tagasi
@likemy yeah but have you ever seen mastapieces like backtrace, trading paint, code of honor, lost city raiders and the Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson true cinema watching quality gems like these makes me a true cinephile.
jerrygodeep 29 päeva tagasi
@likemy sorry I haven’t seen any 89 and beyond foreign movies besides a Japanese cartoon
likemy 29 päeva tagasi
@jerrygodeep all that and not a single film made before 1990... oh dear. Quite a patina you've built up over your many years
jerrygodeep 29 päeva tagasi
@likemy have you seen anything out of the us that wasn’t Japanese cartoons????
jerrygodeep 29 päeva tagasi
@likemy yes 2049 such an embarrassment. Yes looks like bloody arse mate. Funny comment because the only Japanese cartoon I’ve seen are Princess Mononoke, Howls Moving Castle, Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro. I don’t know if that was you trying to call me a weeb or not but pretty funny. But yes I’ve seen innocent voices which you probably never heard of. The host, city of god and Pans Labyrinth which I remember having some pretty good cinematography.
André Willis
André Willis Місяць tagasi
This is the best movie review I’ve ever seen. Please review more films
Lieutenant Surge
Lieutenant Surge Місяць tagasi
Classic movie. Haven’t seen it yet.
hen ko
hen ko Місяць tagasi
happy the whole time. Got nothing but love and respect for this man.
KamcorderRecords Місяць tagasi
What. Is. The. Song at the end?
Fierce0Deity0Link Місяць tagasi
I literally see new jokes every time I re-watch this video
Arnold Lin
Arnold Lin Місяць tagasi
dunky blew it out of the water with the voice fade at 5:03 when the door closed
Indy Advant
Indy Advant Місяць tagasi
Loved this. More great movie reviews!
hen ko
hen ko Місяць tagasi
"This is cinema." -Martin Scorsese
Lance Місяць tagasi
Wait a minute, this isn’t a halo video
Andrew Місяць tagasi
Love hearing him talk about something g he really enjoys
manny mez
manny mez Місяць tagasi
Bee Low
Bee Low Місяць tagasi
I saw this movie 6 years ago i totally forgot the name of it. This is somehow the happiest a dunkey video has ever made me
Tiger74147 Місяць tagasi
The movie is brilliant. Although, while it may be considered comedy, to me it's black humour at best. It's all depressingly too real.
Ech Bruh
Ech Bruh Місяць tagasi
That comedy was interpretive art at its finest
Tizzle Nizzle
Tizzle Nizzle Місяць tagasi
Plz play rocket birds hard boiled chicken
1Q_& iiivi
1Q_& iiivi Місяць tagasi
Confounding technology
BryanStarlord Місяць tagasi
Ive never heard of this,looks cool
TheDiabloGamer 37
TheDiabloGamer 37 Місяць tagasi
A Mastapiece
Hello there
Hello there Місяць tagasi
Ok this is the 17th time that I'm here to rewatch it.
hot tea in coming
hot tea in coming Місяць tagasi
Yooooo, dunkey is a rapper!
Fraser Mckain
Fraser Mckain Місяць tagasi
So should I play it or not?
aswer huio
aswer huio Місяць tagasi
"This is cinema." -Martin Scorsese
Niembar Місяць tagasi
Are you fricking kidding me? You review a Jacques Tati Movie??? I would have never expected this on such a channel. Such a small world. :)
Julesy69 Місяць tagasi
just watched this movie with some friends because of this vid and yea the movie whips
F Місяць tagasi
The fish was a metaphor of EA sports games. Prove me wrong.
aswer huio
aswer huio Місяць tagasi
mon oncle dunkey is a genius
Adam Oustayan
Adam Oustayan Місяць tagasi
luvin the movie reviews dunkey
Diego Lunkes
Diego Lunkes Місяць tagasi
Great video!
James M
James M Місяць tagasi
I enjoyed this. Will watch the film. Thanks.
Julian Dixey
Julian Dixey Місяць tagasi
Never seen a movie because videogamedunkey reviewed it
saad hayl
saad hayl Місяць tagasi
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Місяць tagasi
should be shown and discussed in sociology and psychology more than film theory.
jahva Місяць tagasi
why is "Videogame"Dunkey reviewing movies? i thought this was a gaming channel
Cameron Karosis
Cameron Karosis Місяць tagasi
Dunkey, this is your best yet. Really showing off big brain
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