Where Ebay Games Come From

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The video tells the story of an expedition led by a figure known as the "Dunker" (Don Pacino), who takes his two viewers to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the "Zone", where there supposedly exists a room which grants a person's innermost desires.

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donkey twitter vgdunkey
donkey twitch www.twitch.tv/dunkstream
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Oh Ben
Oh Ben Tund tagasi
The TV behind the TV is to test DVDs to make sure they dont skip
Topher Riddle
Topher Riddle Tund tagasi
tekken tag toilet
Shanger Danger
Shanger Danger 5 tundi tagasi
the last dvds he went past were girls gone wild :O
m0hsalim 5 tundi tagasi
Is this a real place? Where is he viewing this on?
Saitama Kun
Saitama Kun 7 tundi tagasi
Raccoon city is said to have many raccoons and that’s why it is named Racoon City.
illidoth 7 tundi tagasi
ok so i know it's for comedy, but i still need real answers
Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova 8 tundi tagasi
fly swatter
Kaiseraihn 8 tundi tagasi
We’ve seen the backrooms this is the front rooms lol
D-man the captain
D-man the captain 12 tundi tagasi
I'm confused, what is this google maps looking thing, who on earth took a million photos of their house and then uploaded a working map of it on the internet?
limern777 12 tundi tagasi
I like the stalker reference in the description!
Nick L
Nick L 14 tundi tagasi
Get out of here stalker!
Variant 14 tundi tagasi
how did you get in my house? Get out or I'll call the fire department
Daniel Owenes
Daniel Owenes 15 tundi tagasi
Must be an old church
John Doe
John Doe 16 tundi tagasi
That vid description tho. I had no idea dunkey was into KINO
bruh bruh
bruh bruh 18 tundi tagasi
There we have it folks! The insane ramblings of a madman!
ran aman
ran aman 22 tundi tagasi
Looks like boogie2988s house
NewWonTon 22 tundi tagasi
I actually thought he switched locations half way through. I’m blown away knowing the truth
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 23 tundi tagasi
Stunky: play Haulover 🍻
dhamage2k // iPlatinumb
dhamage2k // iPlatinumb Päev tagasi
I got chills while watching this. Probably from the toilet.
gm sh
gm sh Päev tagasi
streamer house
AX_ZER0 Päev tagasi
Abandoned from Blue Box Studios looks great
Axolotl Päev tagasi
This is the Blue Lick Road house, I just noticed
Dissoson Päev tagasi
I got jumpscared by the ad as he said stop now we're going into the basement lmao
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Päev tagasi
Wait wtf is this lol
Ya Mum has The Big gay
Ya Mum has The Big gay Päev tagasi
I saw this in a Jay Exci video
Spoop Päev tagasi
This is 100% a shoes-off house.
Púca Päev tagasi
I'm so confused where do you get to see inside this place like Dunkey did? I have so many questions
TayterJ Päev tagasi
I swear the ending looked like a baptistry at a baptist church
plz don't read my name
plz don't read my name Päev tagasi
Thank God that responsible pet owner has those lint rollers around nice and handy for whenever he needs to clean the place up for his many guests who are entering his esteemed habitat
Z33 Päev tagasi
This technology is perfect for crime scene investigation
QuietGrave Päev tagasi
its in that awkward state between being salvageable and just a sitting fire hazard. i feel compelled to go in there and clean.
Francesco Mele
Francesco Mele Päev tagasi
Knock room, please men
Gabriel Wierzbicki
Gabriel Wierzbicki Päev tagasi
What Website is this?
Areno Music
Areno Music Päev tagasi
When he said "flyswatter" I really felt that
SlySlothShow Päev tagasi
This is what I always imagined chris chan’s house to look like
bailzebub Päev tagasi
Wow, the new Google House app is very impressive.
Phantøm Päev tagasi
is this canon?
Warningximx Lame
Warningximx Lame Päev tagasi
This is Silent Hill 4 The Room music if I am not mistaken. An excellent choice
Jason Allcreator
Jason Allcreator Päev tagasi
Not a single PS5.
Milo Of Scorpio
Milo Of Scorpio Päev tagasi
Forget the backrooms this IS HELL
Kalamander Päev tagasi
he didnt even explore the whole thing
Kay Jay
Kay Jay Päev tagasi
Is this that house from House of Leaves?
Kay Jay
Kay Jay Päev tagasi
I just watched that really high and got completely freaked out.
0din God Of Aesir
0din God Of Aesir Päev tagasi
Faze house
Hal Goofler
Hal Goofler Päev tagasi
Wtf is this
Savnhala 2 päeva tagasi
This place is where all the extras from reality go to rot
Oliver Lex Camacho Saucedo
Oliver Lex Camacho Saucedo 2 päeva tagasi
Start "Welcome back... To the room." Few minutes in "Got my Mountain Dew... Pepsi... Taco bell sauce..."
Dog Walker
Dog Walker 2 päeva tagasi
Bluelick road babey!
Faul Sname
Faul Sname 2 päeva tagasi
The entire house is a liminal space.
Andrew Buck
Andrew Buck 2 päeva tagasi
Chairman Mao Meow got me
Uncle 2 päeva tagasi
This house needs to take a shower.
Robert Kearney
Robert Kearney 2 päeva tagasi
Dude get some better cat litter. You need some fresh step extreme
Georg Gnarr
Georg Gnarr 2 päeva tagasi
You like Huey Lewis & The News?
You like Huey Lewis & The News? 2 päeva tagasi
Look, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a room that wasn't just a massive tub, alright? Nobody's perfect.
Lucas Hiatt
Lucas Hiatt 2 päeva tagasi
I adore the implications that there will be a dual bathroom usage on those toilets.
QuaranTEEN 2 päeva tagasi
This is my favotite episode of EEexs Cribs
symphony-of-the-mint 2 päeva tagasi
So this is where my toothpaste/frosting encrusted copy of the Orange Box came from
francos_draws 2 päeva tagasi
It took the previous owner of this house 30 years to escape
MaserXIV 2 päeva tagasi
Hell yeah, I'm one of his two viewers.
Mr Seady
Mr Seady 2 päeva tagasi
The jump scare got me good
Balter 2 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ Dunkey is doing the Amazon sellers annexed houses.
KnightJohn 2 päeva tagasi
Nobody going to mention what happens at 7:45 - 7:50 ...
2015 dead meme
2015 dead meme 2 päeva tagasi
Oh nvm
2015 dead meme
2015 dead meme 2 päeva tagasi
EliasMsv 2 päeva tagasi
walking inside this house with one of those eerie downwards sheperds tones is the worst kind of mental tortur you can put yourself through
Cham the Man
Cham the Man 2 päeva tagasi
I give this house a 9 outta 10 It has a little something for everyone
Bryce R
Bryce R 2 päeva tagasi
In the kitchen siiiink
TheBestDoorSkeelz 2 päeva tagasi
We have to acquire that copy of John Madden Football. Who KNOWS how cursed THAT IS!
Alex Yearwood
Alex Yearwood 2 päeva tagasi
He found the tub
viktor kukov
viktor kukov 2 päeva tagasi
Love the recent dunkey videow!
gusherz 2 päeva tagasi
I honestly really want to take a bath in that giant tub. It would be fun lol
PocariPocari 2 päeva tagasi
What program is this lol
Marty Lapp
Marty Lapp 2 päeva tagasi
Dunkey you are a hoarder
Killercat12 2 päeva tagasi
Walking through this in VR is an experience
Buterr PVP
Buterr PVP 2 päeva tagasi
this is really disturbing...
A Potato That You Don't Like.
A Potato That You Don't Like. 3 päeva tagasi
This feels like a setting for an scp article titled "The Collector"
Jesse Gossage
Jesse Gossage 3 päeva tagasi
I think I could watch a video of dunkey reviewing a can of soup
Hector 3 päeva tagasi
Think its an old church. That tub at the end looked like one of those u used for babtisims. Would explain the industrial fire alarm.
XxBurritoBearXx 3 päeva tagasi
Ive actually wanted to do that tv thing so i can have my computer on as well as my xbox at the same time while also sitting across the room on my bed. murica
TNerdy 3 päeva tagasi
Wow 128k people likes GameCube
ULIPHYY 3 päeva tagasi
I can’t imagine how bad this place smells
JUDE MORRIS 3 päeva tagasi
“This is where satan lives…let’s go in farther”
Tharja 3 päeva tagasi
What was this? I am honestly confused lol.
Dan Skyder
Dan Skyder 2 päeva tagasi
eBay pirate business in an old church, so weird
Daniel Laszlo
Daniel Laszlo 3 päeva tagasi
when I saw the creepy tub at the end, I realized I have already visited this house in VR Chat
Synthesis Strategies
Synthesis Strategies 3 päeva tagasi
I came here for the GameCube.
PASTRAMIKick 3 päeva tagasi
For anyone wanting to try that virtual house tour, just search for *8800 blue lick rd. virtual tour*
NonGMOTrash 3 päeva tagasi
thank you
Nicholas De Pinho
Nicholas De Pinho 3 päeva tagasi
I've never not been envious of someone owning a house.
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 3 päeva tagasi
And this is the basement kitchen it’s a great place to hide all the dead bodies ;D
ADDmonkey55 3 päeva tagasi
Dang... I found the website where this virtual tour originates from, and it seems like they've now taken down the tour :(
ADDmonkey55 Päev tagasi
If EEexs ever deletes my comment above without my knowing, you can try Googling "blue lick 3d". I don't think the website itself will pop up, but usually there'll be a few articles about it and usually the articles will contain a link to it. Make sure it's a link to the captur3d website and not the Redfin website (the Redfin website is the origin and the 3D tour there has been taken down)
ADDmonkey55 Päev tagasi
@2015 dead meme Assuming EEexs doesn't block this link: 3d-marketing . captur3d . io / view / keller-williams-louisville-east / 8800-blue-lick-rd
2015 dead meme
2015 dead meme Päev tagasi
@ADDmonkey55 what is it? Bruh I'm begging you
ADDmonkey55 3 päeva tagasi
Nevermind, I found the website that hosts the capture!
NaniT 3 päeva tagasi
I use to do these matterport tours for work and I promise you some of the stuff you would see is something else
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds 3 päeva tagasi
Did anyone notice the xxx movie section right before entering the blue shower lol this place creeped me out.
stairsin tothesun
stairsin tothesun 3 päeva tagasi
I mean, I'd buy the place as-is for the shower
SuperAdventurez 3 päeva tagasi
I low key want to run this joint
Brad W
Brad W 3 päeva tagasi
So he's not going to mention that the giant shower is right next to the room filled with porno?
Hunter R.
Hunter R. 3 päeva tagasi
to be fair I kinda want that shower
Niqqa Plz
Niqqa Plz 3 päeva tagasi
- flyswatter Family ornament
The Art Doctor
The Art Doctor 3 päeva tagasi
i'm so confusions wut?
punknumber0 3 päeva tagasi
Room for rent, $450 a month
SoulRaze 3 päeva tagasi
This house gives my anxiety anxiety.
Choco Nado
Choco Nado 3 päeva tagasi
I appreciate the Stalker ref in the video description
EricShin 63
EricShin 63 3 päeva tagasi
2:28 meowmeow *wheeze*
gumblemutt 3 päeva tagasi
This house is a horror game
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